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Welcome to Chakras & Cusswords Blog by Katherine Pacheco. Many of us find ourselves at the crossroads in our career or personal life. Even the strongest among us can feel lost, unsure, ambivalent, or unhappy at times. As a natural intuitive and born healer, I can help you understand and manage whatever life throws at you. I believe that you have the strength not just to survive, but to truly thrive.



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I’ve been successfully coaching clients throughout the San Francisco - Central Valley area and facilitating their self-growth. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, my services aim to introduce clarity and self-motivation. I also teach techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday life.

Using Feng Shui to utilize your life

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice and philosophy of bringing health and wealth with your environment. Feng Shui translates to “feng” means wind and “shui” means water. The Interruption of wind and water which are associated with good health and good wealth. Many people use Feng Shui in their home to produce a environment of good health and wealth. Many of us have heard of Feng Shui, but how can we use it to function and transform your life. One of the many way is to establish the awareness and function of the environment you are in. Align you’r mindset with your relationships, and your environment, to create an inspiring life. The main goal is to love and the flow of our environments. Using Feng Shui to utilize your life helps you create your own life, your own pathway and your own journey.

The start of creating your perfect environment is establishing awareness. The awareness of how you want to feel when you're at your environment and atmosphere. How do you want your your life to flow. Is your environment resembling that is the first question?

Look at the homes flow by the entry. What is the overall message to the entry? Is it warm and welcoming? Does it feel secured and protected? Each area of the house depends on how the layout and structure, it also has an frequency and energy to it. The home tells a story of the person in the house. The house and wall can speak. If the person or family is having financial, health, relationship or career issues the how may display these contributes. Bring in natural elements into the home.The five elements, are fire, earth, metal, wood, and water. The natural elements can bring your environment an anchor of good frequencies of the astrology of the home. This will support you on many levels of energy. You can work on a physical plan, mental plan, and spiritual plan and incorporate these plans into your home. The correlations of your atmosphere and your life’s journey is undeniable. The environment of your home can transform your life.

One example is the single lady vibe. Yes, I said it! Especially if you’r attempting to establish a relationship. So what is the single lady vibe? It is the independent vibe and atmosphere that screams “I love my independence and I’m not trying to commit”, sometimes the single ladies vibe can be little intimidating to a man. Most single ladies don't recognize it because they are involved in their movement. The growth and their independence is what the home is resembles. Let’s be honest the bachelor is guilty to this as well. Men tend to keep their stuff simple, sometimes to the bare minimum. Some men won’t have any decor. Their main eye center to the visitors maybe a TV and Xbox. The home will then resemble I’m not ready to commit, grow up and I like to be alone. Whatever your overall home’s message is there is always a way to shift the flow and change it. You can soften up the atmosphere by bringing in decor, family photos and removing clutter.

Here are my top five Feng Shui tips.

1) Use light to create an environment of high energy or relaxation. Dim lights in bedrooms. High light in vibrant energy rooms, like kitchens or living rooms. Preferably use natural light. Use art or carpet to balance the light within the room. 

2) Keep your doorway clear. The entrance to your home should be free and welcoming. Use plants or entry table to create an free flowing path to the heart of the home. 

3) Use natural elements in your home to create a bond of nature and tranquility. I use metals, plants, free air, fire and stone frequently within my home. 

4) Placing your bed against a solid wall to create a foundation of stability, and support to the one sleeping. 

5) Remove and declutter objects that are not displayed or used. If it is boxed, hidden or not used let it go.

Check out This amazing episode “Utilizing Feng Shui to transform your life” with Feng Shui expert and transformational coach Justine Hernandez.

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