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Couple Astrology Chart Readings

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 333.33 US dollars
  • Tracy, California

Service Description

What draws someone to another? Souls that are destined to find each other in a world of population and noise. It’s a cosmic energy placement of planets, stars and vision from each individual. Which not only brings them closer but makes them stables. An Couples Astrology reading is much more then if two sun zodiac signs work well together. It’s chemistry, guidance and balance of each persons cosmic structure. It’s a deep dive into where to start, where to heal and where to bring the passion. Couples Astrology readings Include: A detailed birth chart of each individual A balance of individual purpose and couple centered goals work book format. A focus on where to bring the structure and where to keep confidence within your book. Participants must be over 25 years old , both parties must be involved and consent to reading. Must know date, time and place of the birth. Private virtual astrology readings booking starting in February via website Reading is a minimum of 90 minutes With additional time for Q&A (15 min) Limited monthly booking dates Available Cost: $333.33

Cancellation Policy

Late bookings may result in limited scheduling .

Contact Details

Tracy, California

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